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We will help protect farmers' property and crops from increasingly frequent natural disasters and other unexpected events


We advise you not to take risks and choose such an insurance option for farmers, which will provide maximum protection for your property and help you recover faster from losses

We will advise on comprehensive protection against critical events

Tailor insurance solutions to meet client needs

Effectively insure property used in various types of business activities

Properly manage civil liability

Fully represent your interests in the event of an insured incident

Agriculture and forestry

Crop insurance

Crop insurance is an extremely effective risk management tool in agriculture. It may prohibit a certain culture or area. Crops are protected against five risk factors: negative consequences of wintering, hail, storm, rain and spring frosts. The insurance premium depends on the selected insurance options, risk, cultivated culture, applied agrotechnics. We can offer our clients individually tailored risk management and competitive insurance premiums, and we aim to give farmers peace of mind about their income and profits in the face of changing natural conditions.

Insurance solutions for the agricultural sector

Our insurance specialists are experts in the management of large, complex risks in the field of transport operations

LEGATOR's unique and long-term experience-based solutions for carriers really contribute to reducing the frequency of incidents and help to improve the loss ratio calculated and evaluated by insurance companies, so we can negotiate lower green card (TPVCA) insurance prices for our clients and offer better insurance conditions. In the event of a covered event, smooth claims and claims management is our priority.

Agriculture and forestry

Employee health insurance

Your employees can take care of their health better and faster, and you win by having healthier, more motivated employees. Additional employee health insurance covers treatment and diagnostics, dental, optical, wellness services, etc. Contact us and we will offer you individual employee health insurance options based on your needs and financial capabilities.

Agriculture and forestry

You can insure yourself against situations where, as a result of your company's activities, damage will be caused to other people's property or their health. If you do not have your own lawyers and receive a claim, you need to hire lawyers to assess the validity of the claim, and the services of the latter can cost from several hundred Euros per hour. Talk to LEGATOR insurance experts about what business risks are relevant to you and how you can reduce losses by taking out Business Liability Insurance. Depending on the insurance option, losses can be compensated according to:

  • Business liability insurance

  • Product liability insurance

  • Liability insurance for damage caused to entrusted property

  • Civil liability insurance for damage caused by environmental pollution, etc.

Civil insurance


Agriculture and forestry

Insure your employees against unexpected accidents, broken bones, bruises, critical illnesses, etc. and take care of their financial well-being by reducing losses due to lost income during incapacity. This insurance also provides financial support to the employee or his family in case of death or disability. Taking into account the specifics of your activity, we will help you choose the right insurance option.

Accident insurance

Agriculture and forestry

Employer's civil liability insurance

The employer is responsible for his employees and safe working conditions, therefore, if an employee is injured or dies at work, on the way to or from work, there is a risk of receiving responsibility for compensating material and non-material damage to the injured employee or his family members. LEGATOR insurance specialists offer detailed consultations on the conditions of insurance coverage and help to choose the insurance coverage that best suits the needs of each company.  

Agriculture and forestry

Agriculture often suffers heavy losses due to natural elements, accidents of machinery when running off the road, breakdowns of harvesters due to stones, fire in agricultural buildings, injuries to workers, etc. Learn about effective risk management solutions in agriculture and get an insurance offer that meets your needs. In the event of an insured event, we undertake to represent your interests until the insurance payout is paid and the incurred losses are compensated. 

Agriculture and forestry

We help to insure farm animals. Cattle insurance will compensate you for losses not only if the animals get sick or injured, but also if the farm is destroyed by fire or a natural disaster, or damage is caused by other persons. In the event of an accident, animal disposal costs will also be covered.

Cattle insurance

  • When damage is caused by insufficient protective measures

  • When the damage is caused by insufficient job training of employees ;                    &nbse; ;  

  • When damage occurs due to improper operation of premises, unmarked dangerous areas   

  • When damage occurs due to technically unsafe work techniques and tools ;               

  • When the damage is caused by gross negligence of the employee (the court often awards damages to the employer, even if the employee was insufficiently careful and attentive), etc.

What civil liability of the employer can be insured?

Agriculture and forestry

Agricultural machinery and equipment insurance

With machinery insurance, we offer to insure agricultural machinery and other road vehicles used in agriculture. Insurance companies offer mandatory, voluntary or additional insurance options, with the help of which you will be protected from various insurance events. The insurance service is intended for private and business customers who use self-propelled equipment both for their personal needs and for economic and commercial activities.

Agriculture and forestry

With building insurance, you can insure not only the walls and ceilings of your home, but also auxiliary buildings, stationary yard structures and other objects. Building insurance will compensate you for damage caused by natural forces, fire, water or third parties. Do not forget that it is not always worth choosing the lowest price when buying building insurance, so we recommend making a decision only after comparing the conditions of different insurance companies or consulting with our brokers.

Building insurance

Agriculture and forestry

The main types of this insurance are ship hull and ship manager's civil liability insurances. Additional related types of insurance covered by the same complex insurance or separate contracts are: medical expenses, accidents, personal belongings, additional equipment, equipment failure insurances.

Vehicle insurance

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