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We will help you manage and reduce risk throughout the supply chain

We guarantee our customers

Draudimo apsaugos optimizavimą

Realius sprendimus nuostolingumo valdymui

Ekspertų konsultacijas ir patarimus visais transporto ir logistikos draudimo aspektais

Įvykus draudžiamajam įvykiui ar gavus pretenziją, atstovausime jūsų interesus, kol patirti nuostoliai bus atlyginti

We offer integrated insurance solutions that help manage risk, reduce insurance costs and improve claims recovery

Insurance solutions for the transport and logistics sector

Sunkvežimis simbolizuojantis vairuotojų civilinės atsakomybės privalomąjį draudimą TPVCA

Transport and logistics

Motor Third Party Liability (MTPL)

We will help you insure your company's vehicles under competitive conditions with mandatory drivers' civil liability insurance. This insurance covers the losses suffered by the victim during the accident due to the policyholder's fault. This insurance also covers damage if other people (passengers or pedestrians) or other property are injured, e.g. fence, traffic light pole.

Sunkvežimis simbolizuojantis sausumos transporto priemonių draudimą KASKO

Transport and logistics

Motor Own Damage Insurance (MOD

CASKO vehicle insurance is a voluntary vehicle insurance that compensates the policyholder for losses incurred as a result of a traffic accident, vehicle theft or robbery, intentional acts of third parties and natural disasters. By insuring with CASKO insurance, the financial stability of the business is ensured and company managers can rest assured that in the event of an accident, the losses incurred due to damage will be compensated.

Sunkvežimis simbolizuojantis vežėjų civilinės atsakomybės draudimą

Transport and logistics

With the CMR insurance contract, we insure the carrier's liability when transporting goods on international routes and help avoid financial losses in the event of their damage, loss or late delivery. Also, the consignee's entry in the consignment note about improper delivery, damage, or shortage of the cargo should also be considered a CMR insurance event, so not only a traffic accident or cargo theft. We help our customers assess the risk of transporting goods and provide solutions for its management. Adequate CMR insurance can save your company not only from a conflict with the customer, but also from bankruptcy.

Carrier’s Civil Liability Insurance (CMR)

Transport and logistics

Cargo Insurance

If your business is inseparable from the import, export or transportation of goods in Lithuania and around the world, or you intend to transport one or more cargoes, this type of insurance is relevant for you! Cargo insurance can protect your transported cargo up to 110% of the cargo value against external risks. You can choose the insurance cover according to your needs.

You can choose cargo insurance coverage according to your needs

Visų rizikų draudimas.

Išvardintų rizikų draudimas, kuris atlygina nuostolius, atsiradusius dėl:

  • vagystės arba plėšimo

  • gamtinių jėgų

  • gaisro arba sprogimo

  • transporto priemonės avarijos;

  • krovinio arba jo dalies nukritimo ant žemės arba į vandenį

Draudimo kompanija padengia žalos metu patirtas išlaidas, susijusias su krovinio gelbėjimu, papildomu sandėliavimu, perkrovimu ar utilizavimu. O mes pasiūlysime sprendimus, kurie suteiks Jums ir Jūsų tiekimo grandinei visišką ramybę, jei tranzito metu kiltų problemų Jūsų kroviniui.

10 EUR


Your down payment


How much will your cargo insurance cost? You can find out for yourself!

Transport and logistics

Travel Insurance

For Legator customers, we have combined a lower travel risk insurance premium and exceptional conditions for drivers' travel insurance in a separate project. This insurance will help save the company costs in the event of an unforeseen event:


•     Covering the costs of emergency medical care

•     Accidental death and injury insurance

•     Insurance of driver replacement, return costs

•     Covering funeral expenses

•     Personal liability insurance, etc.

Transport and logistics

With forwarders' civil liability insurance, we will help insure the liability of the company providing forwarding services to its customers.  This insurance strengthens the customer's trust in the freight forwarder, so it is often required as a prerequisite for cooperation between the cargo owner and the freight forwarder.

Freight Liability Insurance

Transport and logistics

We will help you to insure your liability when carrying out loading work, storing cargo, performing terminal operations.

Warehouse Operator’s Liability Insurance


Transport and logistics

Contractor's Plant And Machinery Insurance (CPM)

Mobile machinery insurance is a specialized type of insurance designed to insure special purpose machinery that cannot be covered by normal property or vehicle insurance. We will help insure your warehouse service, loading and other mobile equipment.

Transport and logistics

The main types of this insurance are ship hull and ship manager's civil liability insurances.


Additional related types of insurance covered by the same comprehensive insurance or separate contracts are:

  • medical expenses 

  • accidents

  • personal belongings

  • additional equipment

  • equipment failure insurances

Watercraft Insurance

Transport and logistics

Railroad Rolling Stock Insurance

Railway rolling stock insurance is relevant for railway rolling stock owners, lessees, institutions financing the purchase of railway rolling stock.


Various risks can be insured against:

•     locomotives

•     car drivers

•     motor tractors

•     passenger cars

•     freight wagons

•     railway road construction and maintenance machinery

Transport and logistics

We recommend all companies to insure their assets against sudden and unexpected insurance events. This insurance covers damage caused to buildings, equipment, supplies, office equipment and other assets. We will offer an insurance solution that meets your business needs:


  • The all risk insurance option will cover the damage from any sudden and unexpected events

  • We can also offer insurance against the listed risks, which will best meet your business needs and provide maximum coverage

Company Property and Equipment Insurance

Transport and logistics

Cyber Risk Insurance

Employees' contact details and confidential company information, falling into the wrong hands, can be very expensive and severely damage the company's operations. In recent years, there has been a particular increase in attacks on small and medium-sized businesses worldwide, which involve fraud: fraud (57%), confiscated or stolen devices (33%), credential theft (30%). We can help protect your business with Cyber Risk Insurance that:


  • Will respond to data, network, privacy  security breaches

  • It will help control incidents and reduce the consequences for your business

  • Will cover losses (including GDPR fines)

  • It will help to defend against unreasonable demands

  • Reputational and business continuity risk management


Transport and logistics

Happy employees lead to a 31% increase in organizational productivity. Employers should take note of these statistics, especially when it comes to productivity. Just how to find the most suitable solution that best meets the needs of your company's employees? Contact us and we will offer you individual employee health insurance packages based on your needs and the company's financial capabilities.


Health insurance provides the opportunity to receive treatment in selected health care institutions, buy medicines, visit the dentist, take care of disease prevention, use rehabilitation services, the costs of which are reimbursed by the insurance company, purchase a sports subscription and many other benefits.

Health insurance for administrative workers

Transport and logistics

Insurance of product credits

Railway rolling stock insurance is relevant for railway rolling stock owners, lessees, institutions financing the purchase of railway rolling stock.


Various risks can be insured against:

•     locomotives

•     car drivers

•     motor tractors;

•     passenger cars

•     freight wagons

•     railway road construction and maintenance machinery


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