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We have been insuring construction for over 20 years, so we are well-versed in the risks your company may encounter.


We will help protect against

Construction or design deficiencies


Equipment damage and theft

Injuries to employees and third parties

We guarantee our clients

Reliable mandatory and voluntary insurance solutions

Assistance in preparing and concluding contract agreements

Expert consultation on the assessment of performance bond agreements

Claims management and damage settlement services

Professional insurance contract administration

Insurance solutions for the construction and real estate sector

Insurance solutions for the construction and real estate sector

The volume of constructions in Lithuania and their significance for the country's gross product are constantly growing, so from 2017 the regulation of construction works changed. Construction insurance has become not only recommended, but also mandatory. In order to protect the interests of the parties, the legal acts regulating the completion of construction provide that the contractor, together with the act of handing over the construction works performed by the contractor to the builder (customer), must submit a document that ensures the fulfillment of the obligations of the warranty period according to the signed contract.


We not only provide insurance but also represent our clients' interests, helping to solve problems related to inadequate fulfillment of obligations. We look for prompt solutions for defect rectification and handle recourse issues. With the mediation of Legator insurance specialists, processes are carried out more swiftly, accurately, and avoiding conflicts between parties.

Compliance Management


This compulsory insurance is requisite for the comprehensive range of construction activities, encompassing new constructions, renovations, restorations, upgrades, demolitions, and the curatorial management of cultural heritage assets. The insurance is applicable for the entire duration of the construction project, commencing from the initiation of work and concluding upon its finalization. Exceptions are afforded solely to projects classified as minor structural repairs or routine maintenance work. We invite you to engage with our specialized construction insurance advisors for an in-depth consultation and to explore optimal risk management solutions tailored to your project.

Mandatory Construction and Civil Liability Insurance Construction/ Erection All Risks Insurance (CAR/EAR)


With extensive expertise in both business and construction risk management, we offer a comprehensive range of surety bond insurance solutions, many of which are obligatory in nature. Our contractual obligation bonds safeguard client interests through multiple avenues:

  • Bid Bond Insurance: Protects clients against the risk of insincere or fraudulent bids.

  • Performance Bond Insurance: Guarantees the timely and full fulfillment of contractual obligations

  • Advance Payment Bond: Ensures the insurer utilizes the client-provided advance payment in accordance with contractual stipulations.

  • Warranty Period Bond Insurance: Secures a guaranteed period of maintenance for the completed project.

For inquiries regarding our construction surety bond offerings, we cordially invite you to consult with our insurance experts for tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.

Bond Insurance


Our Customs Procedures Manager policy ensures the obligatory payment of duties and taxes as determined by EU and Lithuanian law. This coverage is specifically tailored for operators engaged in customs procedures. If obligations to customs are not properly fulfilled, as stipulated in the insurance policy issued by the insurer, the resultant customs liability is covered. Our customs guarantee encompasses both prospective and actual tax obligations related to duties administered by customs agencies.


This can be:

  • Single Transaction Bonds

  • Continuous Bonds

It should be noted that penalties, late fees, and other sanctions for violations of Lithuanian laws are not subject to insurance coverage under this policy. For an expedient and bespoke solution, we cordially invite you to consult with our insurance experts at Legator.

Customs Bond Insurance


With this specialized type of engineering risk insurance, we will help you to insure special purpose machines that cannot be covered by normal property or vehicle insurance under competitive conditions. 


Advantages of insurance:

  • Continuous validity of protection both during work and non-work

  • Damages during loading and transportation are compensated, except for sea transportation

  • The insurance cover is valid after renting out the insured object or transferring it to third parties and others.

Mobile Equipment Insurance


We will help you properly take care of your commercial's real estate (buildings, etc. structures), movable property (equipment, goods, supplies, office equipment, etc.) and other insurance objects against sudden and unexpected insurance events.

Commercial Property Insurance

Professional & Pollution Liability Insurance (PPL) for Contractors provides financial protection to companies or natural persons performing technical supervision of structural construction, when the service recipient (your client) submits a claim for improperly provided services or for financial losses incurred by your client as a result of services provided (provided) by you.

Professional & Pollution Liability Insurance (PPL) for Contractors

The compulsory civil liability Insurance of a contractor indemnifies the damage caused to third parties and the customer due to improperly performed structural design during the validity of the contract.

The insurance contract can be:

  • annual – insurance coverage is valid for all structural design works performed during the validity of the insurance contract, when the design works contract was signed after the date of entry into force of the insurance contract;

  • for a separate object - insurance coverage is valid only for the design works of one specific building. Insurance protection is additionally valid for 5 years (warranty period) from the date of handover of all construction works performed by the contractor to the builder (customer).

Compulsory civil liability Insurance of a contractor

The purpose of the civil liability insurance of the civil liability of the contractor for the examination of the structural project (part thereof) is to compensate the injured third party, who suffered as a result of your improperly performed examination of the structural project (part thereof), i.e. to compensate for the damage caused to the health of a person or the damage caused by the loss of life, and damage to property. The policyholder must insure civil liability according to each carried out structural project (part) expertise or structural (part) expertise service contract separately or according to the scope of services performed by the structural project (part) expertise contractor or the structural (part) expertise contractor during the year. The civil liability insurance of the main construction project (part thereof) expert examination contractor also includes the civil liability of his subcontractors.

Amounts of insurance benefits and insurance amounts

  • The minimum amount of insurance, when insuring the policyholder's civil liability under one construction project (part thereof) expertise contract, must be at least EUR 43,400

  • The minimum amount of insurance when insuring according to the scope of services performed by the structural project (part thereof) expertise contractor must be at least EUR 289,600 per year

  • In their agreement, the insurer and the policyholder can determine an unconditional deduction, which cannot exceed EUR 2,900 and must be specified in the insurance certificate

Mandatory civil liability insurance of the structural project (part thereof) expert examination contractor

Professional Civil Liability Insurances


We will ensure that the vehicles used in your business are properly insured, and in the event of an insurance event, we will help you register and settle the damage quickly and smoothly.

We provide competitive offers for individual insurance policies, and for companies managing more than 10 vehicles, we conclude car fleet insurance contracts, guaranteeing better insurance conditions and a more convenient insurance contract administration process.

Motor Own Damage Insurance (MOD)


Health insurance provides the opportunity to receive treatment in selected health care institutions, buy medicines, visit the dentist, take care of disease prevention, use rehabilitation services, the costs of which are reimbursed by the insurance company, purchase a subscription to a sports club and many other benefits. Surveys show that even 56% of employees would be motivated by health insurance.

We will offer individual health insurance solutions for individual groups of employees

Taking into account the company's needs and financial capabilities, we will provide the best insurance solution to receive the desired healthcare services

Employee Health Insurance

Construction and Real Estate

After assessing the risks, we will help you properly insure all your employees' business trips abroad. Travel insurance consists of:

  • Medical Expenses and repatriation insurance

  • Accident insurance

  • Personal CA insurance during travel

  • Travel baggage insurance

  • Travel expenses (financial loss) insurance if the trip is canceled or terminated due to urgent reasons, etc.

Travel Insurance

Construction and real estate

The employer is responsible for his employees and safe working conditions, therefore, if an employee is injured or dies at work, on the way to or from work, there is a risk of receiving responsibility for compensating material and non-material damage to the injured employee or his family members.

What liability of the employer can be insured?

  • When damage is caused by insufficient protective measures

  • When damage occurs due to insufficient job training of employees   

  • When the damage occurs due to improper operation of premises, unmarked dangerous areas    

  • When damage occurs due to technically unsafe work techniques and tools

  • When the damage is caused by gross negligence of the employee (the court often awards damages to the employer, even if the employee was insufficiently careful and attentive), etc.

LEGATOR insurance specialists offer detailed consultations on the conditions of insurance coverage and help to choose the insurance coverage that best suits the needs of each company.

Employer's Liability Insurance

Construction and real estate

Managers' liability insurance provides insurance coverage to the company's Managers in order to insure their liability for claims that may be made as a result of decisions and actions performed in the course of the Manager's normal duties.


Relevant risks for managers of companies in the construction sector:


  • Responsibilities for the safety and health of employees in the company

  • Labor relations: illegal dismissals, discrimination, etc.

  • Investigations by state supervisory authorities and administrative fines for various violations

  • Environmental violations

  • Violations of the Competition Law

  • Violations of public procurement laws

  • Insolvency of the company

An unexpected lawsuit is dangerous for the financial security and business continuity of the company and its managers.  As one of the leading insurance brokers in Lithuania, we can offer the best products offered on the international insurance market for executive insurance.

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance



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