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Join our growing and innovative team where you canreveal your talent and potential



Insurance broker LEGATOR is rapidly expanding throughout Lithuania and invites new members to join its team. If you have a university or higher education, are responsible, hardworking, communicative and want to improve (experience in the field of insurance is an advantage), we offer attractive working conditions in insurance mediation and a salary worthy of your competence. A motivated and qualified team is part of the success of our growing company.

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Open positions

Biuro administratorius (-ė)

CMR draudimo pardavimų vadybininkas (-ė)

Draudimo brokerio asistentas (-ė)

Draudimo pardavimų vadybininkas (-ė)


Sveikatos draudimo vadybininkas (-ė) su patirtimi

Žalų administravimo vadybininkas (-ė)

Žalų sureguliavimo paslaugų pardavimo ir administravimo vadybininkas (-ė) Vilniuje ir Šiauliuose

Žemės ūkio draudimo pardavimo vadybininkas (-ė)

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