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We evaluate and administer the insurance portfolio and provide effective insurance management solutions for business.

We guarantee our clients a personal approach to help them understand and manage the risks surrounding them, and offer the best cost-effective solutions. In the event of an insured event, we will ensure that the insurance payment reaches you smoothly and promptly. LEGATOR cares about your well-being, so we are always ready to represent your interests!

Corporate risk management solutions



An Insurance Policy Audit is crucial for those in search of the optimal insurance solution, encompassing appropriately assessed risks, favorable contractual terms, and assurance that payouts will be rendered under the conditions stipulated in the agreement. LEGATOR insurance brokers conduct a comprehensive audit of your insurance contracts, taking into account the particularities of your business operations and potential risk factors. Upon a meticulous review of the terms of the insurance agreements, we will inform you whether the terms of the existing or forthcoming contracts will adequately protect you against potential losses and threats. We will also assess whether the scale of the insurance premiums corresponds with the level of coverage, quality of service, and prevailing market rates. A well-structured insurance contract serves as the fundamental safeguard for the security of your enterprise.

Insurance Policy Audit

We propose the following services for you:


  • Assessment of your insurance portfolio and the effectiveness of your risk management strategies

  • Identification of factors influencing your company's insurance costs

  • Systematization of insurance contracts

  • Identification and evaluation of insured and uninsured risks

We analyze and evaluate existing insurance coverages and offer effective insurance management solutions for businesses


Insurance and Business Risk Solutions

LEGATOR's business risk assessment is performed by qualified and experienced insurance specialists. Operating in any market, one of the most crucial strategic tasks for a company becomes precisely the reduction of business risk to an acceptable level. Insurance and business risk management helps to timely identify factors that may potentially cause problems and to prioritize insurance needs. We always seek and offer our clients solutions that are tailored to the specifics of your business—no matter the size, location, or industry you're in, we will help you assess potential insurance protection solutions and will group your policies in a straightforward and cost-effective manner.

Our specialists, who have analyzed your business:

  • It will help to assess emerging risks in advance and provide timely recommendations on how to control them

  • Will offer insurance that meets your needs

  • It will ensure competitive conditions regarding the provided insurance coverage and insured risks

  • Will provide solutions that reduce insurance costs

We systematically analyze the insurance portfolio and provide solutions that help manage and reduce business risks to an acceptable level

Our company ensures:

  • Professional assistance in restructuring, supplementing, terminating, concluding new insurance contracts

  • Coordination of terms between the insurer and the client

  • Prompt delivery of insurance policies

  • Automated sending of reminders about insurance payments, the end of its protection

  • Insurance invoicing control, balance verification, etc.

We provide expert guidance in the execution, amendment, dissolution, or initiation of insurance contracts, diligently advocating for our client's interests throughout the contractual term.


After successfully concluding an insurance contract, LEGATOR continues to administer your insurance agreements. Contrary to popular belief, broker services and collaboration are needed not only during the contract signing period but throughout the year, ensuring that all specified terms and obligations are met. The administration of insurance contracts is carried out continuously, taking into account the current market situation and your individual needs that arise during the term of the insurance contracts.

Administration of Insurance Contracts


Insurance Mediation

We offer professional insurance mediation services. Our well-known presence in the business market segment and impeccable reputation greatly assist us in negotiations with insurance companies for better terms. Therefore, we can offer exclusive solutions tailored solely for our clients. By analyzing the needs of policyholders, the rules of insurance companies, and market shifts, we continually encourage insurance companies to refine their insurance products, providing more alternatives for evolving businesses.

We will ensure:  


  • The most favorable insurance conditions and a competitive premium

  • Comprehensive representation of your interests in relations with the insurance company

  • Careful and professional supervision of documentation

  • Your business damage accounting and its analysis

  • A professional team that will help you solve all the problems related to insurance services

A team of qualified specialists is ready to provide you with competitive insurance solutions and offer significant business insurance experience.

An effective risk management strategy can serve to mitigate insurance premium expenditures and safeguard the enterprise against critical contingencies.


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