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UADBB LEGATOR's internal channel for reporting violations

Any person who is or has been associated with UADBB "Legator" by labor legal relations or contractual relations has the right to report a violation through UADBB "Legator's" internal channel of reporting violations, to the competent authority directly or publicly.

Information on violations can be submitted to UADBB "Legator" through the internal channel due to a criminal act being prepared, committed or committed, administrative misconduct, official misconduct or violation of work duties, as well as a gross violation of mandatory norms of professional ethics or other violation of the law that threatens or violates the public interest, specified in the description of Legator's information provision procedure. You can find the notification submission procedure here: Description of the procedure for providing legator information.

The infringement notification form must be completed and sent by e-mail. by mail

You can find the notification form here: Legator's Notice of Infringement Form.

We warn you that Article 236 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Lithuania establishes criminal liability for falsely accusing an innocent person of committing a criminal act or reporting a crime that is known to have not occurred.

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